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Will Antibiotic Fulfull Its Psychosis-Fighting Promise? 
Some of the great medical advances, such as the discovery of nerve growth factor, have involved serendipity. Could the same also apply to the discovery of a potential drug for schizophrenia?一些伟大的医学进步,比如神经生长因子的发现,包括意外。可能同样也适用于一个治疗精神分裂症的治疗呢?Five years ago, a Japanese psychiatrist and his colleagues observed something peculiar regarding two schizophrenia patients.五年前,日本的精神病学家和他的同事注意到一些奇怪的事关于两个精神分裂症患者。One was a 23-year-old man who had been hospitalized for a first episode of schizophrenia. While in the hospital he developed a severe case of pneumonia, which was treated with the antibiotic minocycline. Two weeks later, his schizophrenia symptoms resolved along with his pneumonia.一个23岁的男子第一次因精神分裂症被送进医院住院。在医院时,他患了严重的肺炎的情况下,接受抗生素二甲胺四环素。两周后,他的精神分裂症状消失,他的肺炎也好转。The other was a 61-year-old man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 20. During his most recent hospitalization for it, he developed a bedsore that was treated with minocycline. Two weeks later, the bedsore healed, and minocycline was discontinued. The patient’s schizophrenia symptoms worsened. Minocycline was resumed; within three days, the patient’s schizophrenia symptoms improved.另一种是一个61岁的老人被诊断患有精神分裂症在20岁时。在他最近的住院治疗,他开发了一种褥疮,接受二甲胺四环素。两周后,褥疮愈合,二甲胺四环素被停用。病人的精神分裂症的症状恶化。二甲胺四环素是恢复;三天之内,病人的精神分裂症的症状改善。“I was so surprised by these developments,” the psychiatrist—Tsuyoshi Miyaoka, M.D., an associate professor of psychiatry at Japan’s Shimane University School of Medicine—told Psychiatric News. “Could minocycline have antipsychotic properties? I wondered.”“我很惊讶这些发展,”精神病学家tsuyoshi Miyaoka,医学博士的精神病学副教授日本岛根县大学医学院告诉《精神病学新闻》。“可能二甲胺四环素具有抗精神药的性能吗?我想知道。”Pursuing Their Hunch Miyaoka and his colleagues decided to explore this possible relationship by conducting a small open-label study. They gave minocycline (150 mg/d) as an adjunct to antipsychotic medication to 22 individuals with schizophrenia for a four-week period. Evaluation of the subjects showed reduction of more than 50 percent in both positive and negative symptoms. These results, even considering a possible placebo effect, suggested that minocycline might possess antipsychotic properties. And what was especially promising was that it seemed to be capable of countering negative symptoms, which are usually intractable.Miyaoka和他的同事们决定探究这个可能的关系进行了一次小型开放研究。他们给了二甲胺四环素(150毫克/ d)的抗精神病药物与精神分裂症22个人为一个为期四周的时期。评估的受试者显示减少超过50%在阳性和和阴性症状。这些结果,甚至考虑可能的安慰剂效应,表明二甲胺四环素可能具有抗精神病属性。和什么是特别有前途的是,它似乎能够消除通难治的阴性症状。Deanna Kelly, Pharm.D., director and chief of the Treatment Research Program at the University of Maryland’s Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, read about these developments. “I was really excited about them,” she said during an interview, and thus she and her colleagues Robert Buchanan, M.D., and Gopal Vyas, D.O., decided to explore minocycline’s putative antipsychotic potential.迪安娜凯莉,杂志d。,董事和首席的治疗研究项目在马里兰大学精神病学研究中心的马里兰,读到这些发展。“我真的很兴奋,”她在一次采访中,因此她和她的同事罗伯特·布坎南,医学博士,Gopal Vyas,交货单,决定探索二甲胺四环素假定的抗精神病药物潜在作用。They gave minocycline to several patients with severe schizophrenia. As Vyas told Psychiatric News, he noted changes in these patients that he had never seen before in them. For instance, “Several showed improvement in group attendance and participation. One who exhibited more than a moderate amount of catatonic behavior was far more engaged in his treatment and was able to be successfully discharged after a prolonged hospitalization. He remains in the community to this day.”他们给了二甲胺四环素对几个病人患有严重的精神分裂症。Vyas告诉《精神病学新闻》,他指出,在这些患者的变化是他从来没有见过的。例如,“几个有参与的小组和显示症状改善。一个长期住院的表现出超过中等的紧张行为的患者经治疗能后能缓解出院。About the same time, results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that had been conducted on minocycline and schizophrenia were published in the February 2010 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. The results, Kelly said, “got us even more fired up about minocycline’s potential against schizophrenia.”大约在同一时间,结果从一个随机、双盲、安慰剂对照试验,调查在二甲胺四环素和精神分裂症是2010年2月发表在《临床精神病学杂志》上。结果,凯利说,“让我们更热衷于二甲胺四环素对精神分裂症的潜力。”Yechiel Levkovitz, M.D., of the Shalvata Mental Health Care Center in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, and colleagues had conducted a trial in 54 subjects with early-phase schizophrenia. The subjects had been given an atypical antipsychotic plus minocycline (200 mg/d) or an atypical antipsychotic plus a placebo and were followed for six months.Yechiel Levkovitz,M.D.说,Shalvata的精神卫生保健中心在Hod-Hasharon、以色列、和他的同事们进行了一项试验,在早期阶段精神分裂症54位受试者。受试者被给定一个非典型抗精神病药加上二甲胺四环素(200毫克/ d)或非典型抗精神病药加安慰剂和6个月的随访。Minocycline showed a beneficial effect against not just negative symptoms, but against cognitive deficits—deficits that, like negative symptoms, are usually difficult to treat二甲胺四环素显示出对难以治疗阴性的症状及认知症状改善,。Still other minocycline-related schizophrenia results were published in April in the Journal of Psychopharmacology by Bill Deakin, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at the University of Manchester in England, and his international team. These results further persuaded Kelly that minocycline possesses antischizophrenia properties.还有其他二甲胺四环素相关精神分裂症研究结果发表在4月在《精神药理学由比尔迪肯大学医学博士,一个大学的精神病学教授在英格兰曼彻斯特,和他的国际团队。这些结果进一步证明,二甲胺四环素具有治疗精神分裂症的作用。In that study, 144 subjects with early-phase schizophrenia had received antipsychotic treatment as usual plus minocycline or antipsychotic treatment as usual plus a placebo for an eight-week period. Minocycline was found to significantly reduce negative symptoms and somewhat improve positive ones.But How Might It Work? 在这项研究中,144例精神分裂症早期阶段接受了抗精神病治疗,像往常一样加上二甲胺四环素或抗精神病治疗像往常一样加安慰剂,一个为期八周的时间。二甲胺四环素被发现显著减少阴性症状和阳性症状有所改善。但它的作用机制是什么呢?So what about this antibiotic is leading to hope that it can be a weapon against schizophrenia, and especially the usually intractable negative symptoms and cognitive deficits of the illness? “We don’t really know for sure,” Kelly acknowledged. “But minocycline is known to be capable of countering inflammation and of crossing the blood-brain barrier into the brain, and there is also growing evidence that inflammation might play a role in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. So minocycline might be able to counter schizophrenia by countering inflammation in the brain.”所以这个抗生素是导致希望,它可以是一个武器对精神分裂症,尤其是通常棘手的负面症状和认知障碍的疾病吗?“我们真的不确定,”凯利承认。“但二甲胺四环素是已知能够对抗炎症和穿过血脑屏障进入大脑,也有越来越多的证据表明,炎症可能会扮演一个角色的病理生理学精神分裂症。所以二甲胺四环素能够对抗精神分裂症的对抗炎症的大脑。”Only more research will show whether minocycline is truly an effective medication against schizophrenia, and such research is under way.只有更多的研究将会显示是否真的是一个有效的药物二甲胺四环素对精神分裂症,这样的研究正在进行中。Kelly, Buchanan, and Vyas are conducting a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, to further explore minocycline’s impact on schizophrenia. Fifty subjects with severe schizophrenia who have shown only a partial or no response to the antipsychotic clozapine are being randomized to receive either minocycline (100 mg twice daily) plus clozapine or a placebo plus clozapine for 10 weeks.凯利,布坎南和Vyas正在进行一项随机、双盲、安慰剂对照试验,由国家心理卫生研究所,对进一步探讨二甲胺四环素的影响精神分裂症。五十个科目患有严重的精神分裂症,显示只有一个部分或没有应对抗精神病药物氯氮平被随机分配接受要么二甲胺四环素(100毫克每日两次)加氯氮平或安慰剂加氯氮平10周。“We are looking for its effects on positive and negative symptoms,” Kelly said. “We are also studying cognition to see whether minocycline helps with areas such as memory and learning. And we are measuring the levels of inflammatory markers called cytokines in the subjects’ blood, since we suspect that minocycline may counter schizophrenia by reducing inflammation in the brain. We hope to have results next spring.”“我们正在寻找它的影响在阳性和阴性的症状,”凯利说。“我们也在研究认知是否二甲胺四环素有助于记忆和学习等领域。和我们测量中炎症标记物水平的细胞因子在受试者的血,因为我们怀疑,二甲胺四环素通过减少炎症可能会抵消精神分裂症在大脑中。我们希望明年春天研究结果。”A similar trial is being launched at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston, Kelly noted.,凯利说一个类似的试验正在推出了德州大学健康科学中心在休斯顿,。Also, a $3 million clinical trial of minocycline in schizophrenia patients is getting under way in the United Kingdom, the Independent newspaper reported March 2. It is being financed by that country’s National Institute for Health Research.同时,一项300万美元的临床试验在精神分裂症患者的二甲胺四环素在方法之下得到的是在英国,据《独立报》报道,3月2日。这是那个国家资助的卫生研究的国家研究所。Meanwhile, schizophrenia experts are placing their bets on whether minocycline will turn out to be an effective treatment for schizophrenia.与此同时,精神分裂症专家正在把他们的确信二甲胺四环素是否会变成一个有效的治疗精神分裂症的药物。http://psychnews.psychiatryonline.org/newsArticle.aspx?articleid=1310500




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